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Whether you need finance to buy your first home, refinance a business debt or even build some townhouses, Nofinancials.com.au can help make it happen. So many options are available to you and they are available at great rates and with all the features you could dream of. Offset accounts, Visa Debit Cards and even fixed rates are available on most products! Not only does Nofinancials.com.au provide you with the brilliant, flexible home loan you have been dreaming of, it also makes it possible and affordable now!

So what are the loan types available to me?

Low Doc Home Loans

Are you self employed? Struggling to obtain finance as your tax returns havenít been done as yet, or you don't want to bother digging them up and having them used for the loan? Nofinancials.com.au has Low Doc loans that may just solve your problem. Our Low Doc loans allow you to declare an income that represents your true income. With maximum loan amounts available of up to a huge $5 million, Nofinancials.com.au' Low Doc products are sure to fit all borrowers needs. This will allow you to buy the home of your dreams, or refinance to save you money! Our Low Doc loans allow you to borrow up to 85% of your properties value, without the hassles you get elsewhere.

Caveat & Second Mortgage Finance

At Nofinancials.com.au we are experts at lending with caveats and second mortgages to help provide the instant funds some investors and home owners require. We have funding available for caveat and second mortgage lending up to 80% of your properties value. As long as there is a strong strategy for you repaying the money and as long as the use of the money is for business or investment purposes we will set the right short term loan for you. Bad Credit isn't a problem, nor is Low Doc lending for our caveats and second mortgages. Our funders are willing to look at every deal on it merits. The security put can be either residential or commercial. The terms normally range from 3 - 12 months. They are quick, give us a call!

Bad Credit Home Loans

If you have a default or two, had some time off work and fell behind in your mortgage repayments, Nofinancials.com.au may be able to help. Our Bad Credit loans suit all of our clients, even those that need our Low Doc and Quick Lend loans. With loans up to 85% of the properties value you will be in good hands. Nofinancials.com.au understands that it isnít easy to stay in control and on top of debts at all times, that is why with our Bad Credit loans we try and help you regain control. You donít lose the features that you want with a normal home loan. You can still pay extra, still redraw and can still call us direct for any thing you need. Give us a call and see if we can help get you back on track.

Quick Lend Home Loan (No Doc)

No financials are required for this type of loan! Itís a very quick and easy mortgage solution. Not only do you not need to prove or even declare your income, you donít even need to disclose what you own or owe. This is a great loan for those with lots of equity and not much time to fill in applications, or who donít feel comfortable disclosing everything. The loan must be for business or investment use with a maximum lending ratio of 65%.

Low Doc Commercial Loans

Do your tax returns or your lease not completely satisfy the lenders requirements? Are you self employed? Then the Nofinancials.com.au Low Doc Commercial loan is for you. You donít miss out on any of our great features, like our 20 year terms, or our no ongoing fees. You will simply need to self declare your income instead of providing all the paper work. This enables you to get the loan you want, access your money and move on to do what you do best and run your business. With lending available for loans up to $5 million and with the ability to lend up to 70% of your properties worth, Nofinancials.com.au will secure the right loan for you.

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